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タイトル: 日本女子体育大学舞踊学専攻学生のキャリア意識 : 学年進行との関わりに着目して
その他のタイトル: Career Images of Students Majoring in Dance Study at Japan Women's College of Physical Education : Focusing on Relation with Grade Progress
著者: 八木, ありさ
安達, 詩穂
松山, 善弘
松澤, 慶信
坂本, 秀子
宮本, 乙女
森, 立子
髙野, 美和子
岩淵, 多喜子
石川, 浩子
渡辺, 碧
Yagi, Arisa
Adachi, Shiho
Matsuyama, Yoshihiro
Matsuzawa, Yoshinobu
Sakamoto, Hideko
Miyamoto, Otome
Mori, Tatsuko
Takano, Miwako
Iwabuchi, Takiko
Ishikawa, Hiroko
Watanabe, Midori
ヤギ, アリサ
アダチ, シホ
マツヤマ, ヨシヒロ
マツザワ, ヨシノブ
サカモト, ヒデコ
ミヤモト, オトメ
モリ, タツコ
タカノ, ミワコ
イワブチ, タキコ
イシカワ, ヒロコ
ワタナベ, ミドリ
キーワード: career image
dance students
dance genre
発行日: 2018年3月
抄録:  To find the overview of career images specific to Dance Major Students at Japan Women's College of Physical Education in the current curriculum and to find differences due to progress of grades a questionnaire survey on their “dance career images” was conducted. Subjects were all students who were in register list as of April 2014 (number of respondents 352). The same questionnaire survey had been repeatedly conducted for four years for the students who had started studying in 2014.  As for the “dance genre”, “classical ballet” decreased significantly as the grade progresses, “contemporary dance” tended to increase with significance. Regarding “dance career images”, in the upper grades, those who chose items such as “get a job in a company and make use of what gained in dance activities,” and “dance as a hobby, not for a job” increased, on the contrary “dance as a cast of amusement parks” which was chosen frequently in the lower grades decreased significantly. There was no particular relationship between “dance career images” and “dance genre”. There was no consistency between the selections of “teacher training course” and the related items in “dance career images”. Counting these, it is necessary to provide concrete images of the desired occupations which may deepen the ideas about the relation between vocation and their own dance activities in order to support students majoring in dance.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/1097
ISSN: 02850095


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