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タイトル: 低酸素環境下における動脈血酸素飽和度(SaO2)とパルスオキシメータで計測された経皮的酸素飽和度(SpO2)との対応性に関する研究
その他のタイトル: A Study of Correspondence between Saturation of Arterial Blood Oxygen and Peripheral Oxygen Saturation Measured by Pulse Oximeter in Hypoxic Environment
著者: 夏井, 裕明
井筒, 紫乃
Natsui, Hiroaki
Izutsu, Shino
ナツイ, ヒロアキ
イヅツ, シノ
キーワード: Pulse Oximeter
High altitude
発行日: 2018年3月
抄録: The aim of this study was to evaluate correspondence between saturation of arterial blood oxygen measured invasively (SaO2) and saturation of arterial blood oxygen measured non-invasively by pulse oximeter (SpO2) under hypoxic and normobaric environments. Seven young adult females were exposed to three graded hypoxic conditions with an interval of normobaric condition. The hypoxic condition was made by the equipment of portable altitude simulator (AltoLab ELITE Kit, AltoLab USA) which provides hypoxic environments simulating high altitude conditions of 1500 m, 3000 m, and 4500 m. Partial pressure of arterial blood oxygen (PaO2), carbon-dioxide (PaCO2), and SaO2 were measured in a spot during normobaric and hypoxic conditions, while SpO2 was continuously monitored by a pulse oximeter through experiments. From the normobaric environment to the sever hypoxic condition equivalent to 4500 m altitude, PaO2 decreased significantly from 91.5+/- 3.5 mmHg to 43.0+/- 6.1 mmHg despite stable PaCO2 from 39.4+/- 3.8 mmHg to 41.5+/- 4.9 mmHg, suggesting that the device of hypoxic simulator was able to produce a relevant hypoxic condition in arterial blood. Continuously collected data of SpO2 measured by pulse oximeter were significantly decreased 89.0+/- 2.9% (1500 m), 75.3+/- 5.4% (3000 m), and 73.7+/- 4.7% (4500 m). After 6 minutes of each hypoxic training, SpO2 were recovered during 4 minutes of rest (0 m). In addition, SpO2 at the altitude of 4500 m was almost identical to 75.3+/- 5.6% measured in SaO2. These results suggest that SpO2 reflects accurately SaO2 even under severe hypoxic condition and, therefore, portable pulse oximeter is useful to medical evaluation of arterial oxygenation in hypoxic environment.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/1112
ISSN: 09183825


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