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タイトル: ラクロス選手を対象とした心理的変化 : 「不安・緊張」を中心とした検討
その他のタイトル: Psychological change on sports in lacrosse players : especially anxiety and tension
著者: 大野, 和男
田島, 啓子
Ohno, Kazuo
Tajima, Keiko
オオノ, カズオ
タジマ, ケイコ
キーワード: psychological change, anxiety, tension, lacrosse players
発行日: 2004年3月
抄録: This study concerned psychological changes on practice and game. Concretely, as them, I focus on anxiety and tension. This study's participants are 388 lacrosse players (185 boys and 203 girls). First, they were asked if they felt anxiety (or tension) in a practice (or game). Secondly, they were asked indications of anxiety and tension. 5 scales about them were made on the basis of factor analysis. Theyare ① somatic anxiety, ② state anxiety about personal relations,③ state anxiety about surroundings, ④ skill of mood-control, ⑤ reduction by a relay, ⑥ mood-control by exchange between team-mate. The factor structures between practice and game were almost same. There are plus correlation between them, but scales of game were higher scroes than them of practice, compared corresponding scale between them. On first and second analysis (especially, somatic anxiety and state anxiety about personal relation), following property felt higher anxiety and tension than other: grils, short experience, and game. Thirdly, participants were divided into 3 clusters using two-step cluster analysis. 3 clusters were ① the cluster which they don't feel anxiety and tension at practice and game very much, ② medium cluster between ① and ③, ③ the cluster which they fee lanxiety and tension at practice and game. Many boys and long experience players were cluster ①, many girls and experience players are cluter③.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/550


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