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タイトル: オスカー・シュレンマーとThe Triadic Ballet
その他のタイトル: Oskar SCHLEMMER and The Triadic Ballet
著者: 宮崎, 喜子
Miyazaki, Yoshiko
ミヤザキ, ヨシコ
キーワード: performing arts
performance arts
the German expressionist dance
contemporary dance
The Triadic Ballet
発行日: 2006年3月
抄録: Is the stage work of Oskar Schlemmer, who guided the “stage workshop”in Bauhaus in the 1920's, categorized as either a “Performing Art”or a “Performance Art”? Although we might think of the position of Schlemmer's work in art history as obscure, there is also some interest in all of this obscurity. To consider which place in current dance scene his stage works have had will be significant in a stage art of today. At the same time, we can ask ourselves what is dance. Twenty years after Isadora Duncan, the German expressionist dance or Neuer Tanz was becoming firmly rooted in the German dance tradition. Schlemmer's stage work could be seen as innovative and was ahead of its time. His experimental works which ask the ontologish problem (whether a “Performing Art”or a “Performance Art”), could be described as the basis of post-modern dance in the 1960s and heralded as what we call current contemporary dance. The first purpose of this study is to consider the stage art of Schlemmer, who was also a painter and sculptor, through the writings in his books, letters, and diaries. The second purpose is to examine how Schlemmer,an untrained dancer, considered dance as an art form in his days. The thesis will examine how he choreographed dance movement, whether he took dance lessons or not, and what was his relationship with dance, by examining his work “The Triadic Ballet”, a work that is considered experimental in both the activity in the studio and the theory behind his staging.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/575


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