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タイトル: 18世紀のフランス美学とJ. G. ノヴェールの「手紙」
その他のタイトル: The french aesthetics in the 18th of J. G. Noverre
著者: 山梨, 雅枝
Yamanashi, Masae
ヤマナシ, マサエ
キーワード: ‘The age of paintings’
発行日: 2009年3月
抄録: Through the three main concepts of the Aesthetics of 18^<th> century; 1) age of paintings, 2) illusionism, 3) telling a story, I study here the “Lettres sur la danse et sur les ballets”(Lettres, 1760) by Jean Georges Noverre (1727-1810). 1) The age of paintings and the three usages of “tableau” Verified every“tableau”in the Lettres, I recognized that the term “tableau”is used by three ways: “picture,”“scene” or their double meaning. Noverre developed his conception of dance using the metaphor of “tableau”which is vocabulary of the pictures; this proves that Lettres is situated in the paradigm of paintings of 18^<th>. 2) Deviation from the Illusionism On the contrary, for their realistic experiences, the ballet which doesn’t use the words needed the expressions of emotion by which the stories are better grasped ; consequently, the empathy (assimilation) was introduced and it would become the main stream in the coming period. This structure of experience had been already leaving from the Illusionism of 18^<th>. 3) Deviation from “telling a story” Nevertheless, in the age of paintings, the narrative structure with the“unity of plot”was gradually transformed into the narrative structure with the “unity of design (image). ”This metamorphose is developed in Lettres. In case of the dance “Divertissement”hadn’t the stories, it was rather holding an opportunity to develop a dance which presents its visionary positioning. Though his intention to approach to the narrative ballets, Noverre described in Lettres unknowingly, in the context of the age of paintings, the deviation from telling a story and also the opportunity to deviate from the ideology of the art of that time; both are found in the genre of art, “the ballet”which is picturesque and doesn't use the words.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/609


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