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タイトル: 江口隆哉のモダン・ダンス : 基本運動をとりあげて
その他のタイトル: Basic physical training of modern dance devised by Takaya Eguchi
著者: 光安, 知佳子
島内, 敏子
Mitsuyasu, Chikako
Shimauch, Toshiko
ミツヤス, チカコ
シマウチ, トシコ
キーワード: Basic Physical Training
Modern Dance
Takaya Eguchi
Natural movement
Relaxation and tension
発行日: 2013年3月
抄録: [Purpose of the Study] The purpose of this study is to consider the idea, method and effects of the basic physical training for making the ideal body invented by Takaya Eguchi(1900-1977), the dancer who had an enormous impact on early modern dance in Japan, and then discuss the significance of his basic physical training in the modern age. [Method] This study was conducted by collecting and analyzing the books and materials, conducting interviews, and analyzing of the video of the basic physical training by him. [Conclusions and Considerations] As a dancer pursuing free modern dance, he always sought new unique movements and aimed at making an ideal body effective in dealing with any kind of expression. His basic physical training was formed by observing and collecting various human movements and classifying them by category based on the concepts of natural movements and relaxation and tension. Then, the categories and their details changed through trial and error. Finally 21 categories required to make the ideal body for dance are presented as basic physical training. The examples of the movements in each category were shown using illustrations and pictures. However, it was revealed in the interview with his students that he did not approve of basic physical training being considered as a certain form or patterns in modern dance and always emphasized that the body should be variously used when actually conducting basic physical training. The basic physical training devised by Eguchi shows an understanding of the principles of exercise, which is still acceptable in the present day, and his attitudes toward making the ideal body are considered to provide the inspiration for the development of methods to make the ideal body in today's dance where ways of expression and body techniques are being developed in various ways.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/657


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