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タイトル: 教員の多忙化をめぐる経緯と教員勤務実態調査に関する一考察 : 学校における効果的な多忙化対策の基本的論点を探る
その他のタイトル: On the transition of teachers' workload and the surveys of their working conditions : With the focus on more effective strategies for reducing their overwork
著者: 青木, 純一
堀内, 正志
Aoki, Junichi
Horiuchi, Masashi
アオキ, ジュンイチ
ホリウチ, マサシ
キーワード: teachers' overwork
the surveys of working conditions
発行日: 2014年3月
抄録: This paper mainly discusses three aspects of the transition of teachers' workload and the surveys of their working conditions. The first part deals with the transition and features of teachers' workload in the postwar period. Particularly intriguing is the fact that the 1990s saw the quality shift of their work from overwork conditions to feelings of stresses and strains. The second part discusses the newly conspicuous features in the 1990s from three points of view with reference to the previous studies; marketing of education, an increasing emphasis on students' individuality and diversity, and disclosure of information and accountability in education. The last part makes clear the features and issues of the surveys of teachers' working conditions conducted by boards of education, claiming that higher quality field surveys be needed.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/679


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