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タイトル: Visual Basicで作成した採点システムの試作
その他のタイトル: Development of a correction system using VisualBasic
著者: 五月女, 仁子
Soutome, Hiroko
ソウトメ, ヒロコ
キーワード: VisualBasic
scoring system
発行日: 2017年3月
抄録: Giving tasks to students during the class is very effective, as it helps students to establish knowledge and provides teachers with a good evaluation material to grasp the students' understanding. However, scoring consumes significant amount of time. In my classes, I make it a rule to assign a task at each lesson. Because the total number of my students is about 400, it inevitably consumes two days a week just to score all of them. While there are methods to automate scoring, marksheet is expensive, and web-based task and scoring system is not suitable for classroom lectures. Furthermore, both types require a certain amount of time to prepare tasks. At the moment, automatic recognition of handwritings is not yet practical either. This study developed a system designed to optimize the scoring of tasks given at classroom lectures and tied it. While the trial result was identified with as many mistakes as manual scoring, the process consumed less time than it was manually done.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/739
ISSN: 02850095


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