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タイトル: 小麦粉粘土活動における幼児のオノマトペ
その他のタイトル: Preschool children's onomatopoeia in flour clay play
著者: 松崎, 史周
桐川, 敦子
望月, 久也
Matsuzaki, Fumichika
Kirikawa, Atsuko
Mochizuki, Hisaya
マツザキ, フミチカ
キリカワ, アツコ
モチヅキ, ヒサヤ
キーワード: onomatopoeia
tactile feeling
preschool children
flour clay
educational material
発行日: 2017年3月
抄録: This study consists of survey and analysis of preschool children's onomatopoeia in flour clay play. This study included 15 preschool children from the junior class, 16 from the middle class and 15 from the senior class in public day nursery and private kindergarten, recorded their utterance in flour clay play, and then extracted and analyzed onomatopoeia that expressed their tactile feeling. The results included : (1) Onomatopoeia in flour clay play that expresses the tactile feeling of the preschool children can largely be divided into words reflecting the initial dry status of flour and those reflecting its wet status, and the latter words were larger in number, vocabulary and style than the former ones ; (2) in flour clay play, preschool children paid attention to the unpleasant tactile feeling of clinging wet flour, and used not only standard onomatopoeia words but also original onomatopoeia words in which emphatic elements such as doubled consonants and long sounds were inserted or added even with open contracted sounds, revealing that preschool children are capable of catching and expressing their individual tactile feelings in detail ; (3) preschool children's diverse onomatopoeia in terms of vocabulary and style indicate that flour clay is a“highly responsive educational material”that elicit the tactile feelings of preschool children.
URI: http://ir.jwcpe.ac.jp/dspace/handle/123456789/740
ISSN: 02850095


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